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RC RELEASE is the world’s first massage and rehabilitation product specifically focused on the rotator cuff.
The product will be launched on a fund-raising platform, and DC was in charge of the fund-raising film and photography.
With the rising popularity of fund-raising platforms, fund-raising projects have sprung up. In addition to the product itself being competitive, the film and other marketing products have to be improved, in order for the product to stand out among the numerous international fund-raising programs.

Website: rcrelease.com
Services: 視覺風格統籌,製片,攝影,腳本設計


RC RELEASE is a product designed for athletes or retired weight lifting enthusiasts, so in the first half, we hoped to bring out the visual tension. For the pictures, we used a high light ratio and low brightness. The addition of grand music and differential velocity editing methods greatly improved the attraction of the film.

Also in terms of the 2D motion, the fonts and color tones were all highly linked to the product and allowed the overall tone of the film to be more consistent.


For the overall structure, the first half displayed the ways to use the product; and the second half included a narration so that the viewers can further understand the product characteristics and R&D process. This way, the client could divide the front half and second half for different marketing demands.

Because the second half of the film is mainly a description, so the tone is different from the first half. It is filmed with bright lighting, and soothing music and narration so the viewers can more easily access the product information.




Because the photography and film were done at the same time, so it took a total of two days to complete filming. However, because we did both parts, the overall style was more uniform.

In order to shoot low-brightness and shadows, we spent a lot of effort in the lighting design and making adjustments. Lights and hues were powerful tools to create the atmosphere of the film. If you put a lot of effort in these two elements, your film will definitely be even better.

Allen Tsai Director/ Screenwriter