About DC Films

Our image designs incorporate marketing concepts
and development strategies.
We use our camera lenses to generate ultimate business value.

We Create Artworks & Ideas

We are a group of dreamers who have a passion for producing creative and fanciful images based on our professional expertise. If you are willing to spend time communicating with us, you will discover that there are many ways to improve click-through rate and make your investments in images more effective! You will definitely be satisfied with our quality, because our greatest desire is to exceed your expectations.

We Care How You Feel 

DreamCatcher never considers our clients as business transactions. We treat them like close friends, enabling us to deliver projects that meet their expectations every time. Our goal is to create a win-win situation for you!

We Challenge The Imagination

DreamCatcher is committed to expanding the depth of images, and fine imaging is our area of expertise. The images that we produce are all rich in graphic language.

Our Vision, Your Satisfaction

Since we were founded in 2010, we have continuously been chosen by local and overseas companies for our reputation in commercial marketing and brand imaging. We rely on the use of image penetration to make images stand out. DreamCatcher emphasizes high quality and creativity in the specialized field of photography through a streamline team.

What We Can Do

DC is an experienced photography company and we focus on using images to tell stories. We provide visual marketing, advertisement production, commercial photography, and advertisement image production services.

Commercial Photography

In the field of photography, we find the advertising marketing point of view most suitable for the product, and take the initiative to find the best marketing channel for our images.

Graphic Design

We rely on creative 2D animation so the composition and camera angles can better express graphic design concepts, and clearly communicate the topic and content.

Commercial Photography

We provide commercial portraits, product photography, and photo retouching services. We specialize in focusing on the expression of the image rather than reproducibility to provide high-quality images.


Includes scripting, film shooting and post-production. Meaningful content in the micro-film communicates product concepts to promote and establish a corporate image.

We Work With

DC focuses on substance and brand style and has provided professional high-quality advertising photography services to countless brands over the years.

DC can help you with all your visual needs

We are dedicated to telling stories with images, providing commercial photography, advertising photography, micro-films, fund-raising films, and overall visual marketing for corporate videos – we are Taipei’s most professional commercial photography company.