Pushan Village

Village Building Documentary

Planned and designed by Banmu Tang, this village building project in Taichung’s Taijon Mountain is a modern village that combines environmental protection, culture, and architecture. Here, the relationship between buildings and mankind is once again an effortless circulation. The film is an oral record by the architect and land owner regarding their ideals and the social meaning of the project recorded during the early stages of development. It was to be played during the exhibition and in a public art installation.

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This mountain is a book.
People visit this mountain to read its story.
The Academy on the mountain was part of its history and will now become a treasure for future generations to discover. The people who live here will also preserve and pass on this scenic lifestyle.

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Before getting to know this mountain, we first met Banmu Tang.

[Recover our roots despite the chaos of the world] Architect Jiang Wenyuan realized that it was difficult for this generation to return to our roots. Corresponding with Bangmu Tang’s concept of environmental balance, you can see meticulous details in every corner as well as their concept of environmental circulation. The flooring is made from recycled oyster shells and the walls are made from red clay in order to allow residents to live in an alkaline and natural environment to enhance health. At the beginning of film production, during a tour, DC was astonished by the attention to detail and developed the utmost respect for each brick and tile there.

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The script design of the film was positioned as a documentary interview. The landlord’s focus was his affection towards this mountain which was the core concept during development. Chairman Yang took us around the forests, and we followed his usual routes and we realized his love for the mountain and that the project’s purpose was to watch over and protect the mountain and not harm it.

Architect Jiang Wenyuan’s focus was more on the construction and talked about his outlook while building Pushan Village. He talked about building Pushan Village from the perspective of an architect and how it corresponded with the spirit of the mountain and the concepts of Banmu Tang. While Jiang Wenyuan walked in and out of the buildings, he pointed out the relationships between man and space. As he touched the red clay walls, opened the windows, and even cooked, he expressed his wish as an architect, to embody the essence of man, life, and nature.

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The film is a visual feast. The screen, the music, and each shot reveal the images hidden in the heart of the viewer and projects their emotions at the time. Pushan Village is a place that will constantly change, and our work is to record the atmosphere of the mountain at the moment and strengthen the viewer’s visual and auditory experience and understanding.

Ellie Liu Screenwriter/ Project Manager