Organic Tea
Marketing Film

Organic tea has been promoted in Pinglin for many years. O-Life hopes that through collective efforts, the area of organic tea gardens in Pinglin located next to the Feitsui Reservoir can expand, increasing the income of farmers, protecting water ecology, and enhancing the health of the public. The film was to be played during O-Life’s corporate promotions so that people can quickly understand O-Life’s commitment towards the land.


We all have the ability to make the world a better place.
We should take advantages of opportunities to make our lives more meaningful.

The organic tea industry is extraordinary and links a lot of career and local development opportunities. All parts of the industry involve important and indispensable figures, from the tea pickers, the tea makers, and the tea factory inspectors. Only a positive cycle can create a good balance between ecology and production capacity.


We wanted our images to be more sentimental so viewers can have a better understanding of local life. We included oral accounts by farmers, the opportunity for the organic tea industry to change the environment, and what people can gain when everything returns to its original state. It promotes a non-pesticide and friendly tea garden environment, so that enterprises can understand the main concept of adopting tea gardens.

We begin the film with the overall environment, Pinglin’s beautiful scenery and natural ecology, and then we introduce the practices of artisans and the overall conditions after making improvements. Then it discusses corporate social responsibility and how it has led to three positive outcomes, all real results, which is verified by the awards won by the artisans, so that corporations willing to adopt tea gardens can rest assured.


There are two kinds of results when shooting from the perspectives of artisans, one is being too sentimental or casual, almost like a news report. On the other hand, the tones of the respondents may affect the direction or quality of the entire film. This time, we tried to avoid both problems and chose to use images to lead the viewers. We also spent a lot of time communicating with the respondents regarding their content and tone of voice, so that the film turned out sincere and enjoyable.

Ellie Liu Director