Mobile Projector

Acer launched the K138STi portable projector to meet people’s projection needs anytime, and anywhere. This film was created through the joint ideas and research of DC and IDEAi, and was also the first major project where DC cooperated with an outside director.
The DC team provided professional production, vice-directing, on-site art, photography and lighting services. For DC, we always try our best no matter the type of cooperation, and we are definitely your best partner.


The structure of the film was centered around the product. The man carries a projector and the ways the K138STi projector can be applied conveniently in daily life are recorded.

When DC receives a script, it immediately starts pre-production work. DC thought about how ACER is a well-known international label, and how its advertisements need to have international perspectives, so foreign venues and actors were selected.

The scenario setting was also a very important part. Through carefully set up scenery, the look of the film was elevated, which helped the brand, the product, and the DC team to have good cooperation. When working with the outside director, DC production also became a bridge for smooth communication, so the filming could be completed efficiently.


This film took two days to shoot. After careful communication with the director, DC quickly prepared the scenery, lighting, and shots. During filming, we tried to help the director as much as possible. As assistant directors, besides helping the director confirm lighting, we also had to check details and give the director our recommendations.

In terms of the shots and lighting, DC’s photographers and lighting division also advised the director of some different perspectives based on the script, so we were able to get many good pictures and images.


The two days of shooting went smoothly, and the materials that were filmed were processed by IDEAi to display the high quality of Acer products. It was a great and successful collaboration.

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Allen Tsai Assistant Director