We all live in the reality of hungry ghosts

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You should understand why people fall into the path of hungry ghosts. Because of envy, deception, and greed. The desire to become wealthy, causes them to do evil, and their hearts are filled with greedy thoughts.

~Saddharmasmṛty-upasthāna sūtra

In the summer of 2014, Taiwan faced a major food safety crisis, affecting a wide range of victims … So in response to food safety issues, James and the DC films team decided to complete a series of portraits called hungry ghosts.

Most hungry ghosts are hungry, greedy, and can never be satisfied. Some hungry ghosts are also very powerful like gods, and folk beliefs and Buddhism think that some gods are powerful ghost kings. The Nyāyānusāriṇī ‘s 31st scroll says that hungry ghosts can be divided into three types: no money, less money, and a lot of money. So when we explore this issue in greater depth, we can find that the real reason behind food safety problems is people’s greed. They make inedible ingredients into food to sell to consumers, and force upstream manufacturers to lower prices by their economic scale. Consumers now are often only willing to buy cheap goods. In this vicious circle, bad money drives out good, and honest manufacturers are forced to close down. Even after news reports and prosecution, people still cannot change their greedy nature. After the incidents blow over, consumers still choose cheaper foods with additives. People who want better quality, cannot escape the surrounding environment and fall into the path of the hungry ghosts.

James created this work to awaken viewers through the influence of art and images. Besides the food industry, there are too many industries that have hidden problems in Taiwan’s society, mostly due to greed!

James Wang Photographer