Transforming an iPhone into professional recording equipment

Observing the changes in the film and television market in recent years, equipment has become more and more lightweight, and functions are more and more evolved. A while ago, we could see people still using BetaCams for interviews, but more and more media now use DC or mobile phones for news interviews. The Panasonic GH4’s M43 camera provided 4K videos and the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera provided full HD recording and RAW file functions despite its size being not much bigger than a mobile phone. Even display devices are becoming lighter or thinner. This is also the case for audio equipment, so now we will introduce some microphones that will allow your iPhone or iPad to become professional recording equipment.

Rode i-XY

Rode i-XY has a built-in A / D converter, and can provide the maximum 24bit / 96kHz sampling frequency, has 30pin (for iphone 4 / 4s) and lightening (iphone 5 or above) two versions, and provides professional recording software the Rode Rec app. For other specifications, please refer to the official website and product introduction.

Zoom iQ5

The Zoom iQ5 can provide 90 degrees / 120 degrees sound ranges, and the rotation angle allows the user to specify the left and right channel direction, so you can have more freedom when choosing a sound range while filming. The iQ5 also provides manual increase and decrease functions and 3.5mm headphone output monitoring functions. Zoom iQ5 only offers a lightening version, so iphone4 / 4s users need an adapter to use it. For other specifications please refer to the official website and product introduction film.


The TASCAM iM2 uses a non-directional microphone, the stereo microphone allows a 180 degree adjustment, can handle sound pressure up to 125dB, and the microphone is powered by the iPhone, so no extra battery is required. The iM2 has a USP power input on the side, so for long periods of recording, you can also charge your iPhone. For other specifications please refer to the official website and product introduction film.


You cannot always know the sound by observing specifications, so please listen to the test files directly below. Which one is your favorite?