KPlus Behind the Scenes – Director Commentary

True stories link the user’s emotions

to shape the brand image

The client had three riders and they wanted to integrate the drivers’ stories with the KPLUS brand image. So in the pre-operation stage, we personally interviewed the three drivers, hoping to understand their thoughts and beliefs about cycling, and their most impressive stories, etc. Through these three stories, we wanted to convey the central idea of ”Kplus – Guarding your Riding Pleasure,” so that everyone who watched the film would want to rush out and cycle immediately.

KPlus is a brand that designs bicycle helmets for Asian heads, and besides being comfortable and safe, they also want to provide users with fashionable options. KPlus also launched many styles and colors according to the different needs of riders. So we learned that the product positioning is very precise. Therefore, the film planning was to strengthen the product positioning and to connect it with user lives. We elevated the product concept to “not just a bicycle helmet” and applied the brand assets to have extended meaning.


As for the film structure, because the product is a bicycle helmet, so images of cycling are important, so of course we used cycling images as an ending. The client wanted to use the first person to tell the story, so the beginning starts with a narration. However, this created a problem. How would we connect the personal narration with the biking footage that followed? So we designed different transitions for the three main characters to ensure continuity. Finally, we also designed different endings for each of them.



While shooting, the most tiring part was filming the cycling process. In order to show the best and richest cycling images, the riders had to ride back and forth through the mountains numerous times for us to collect enough shots. We encountered many problems while filming in the mountains. The unstable weather conditions made our shoot much more difficult. One day for filming, we arrived on Yangmingshan before sunrise, but we waited for two hours before the fog dispersed. While cycling, the cyclists were moving so they were not cold, but for the joint ending, we wanted to film the three cyclists standing on the mountain and looking into the distance. While filming, it was windy and cold, but the cyclists still completed the shoot. Because it was so windy, it was very difficult operating the Jib, but luckily the DC crew was able to bravely get all the shots. The mountain area was also very small and there was only one lane going up and down, so we had to block the road to ensure the safety of the filming crew and cyclists. Although we applied for shooting in advance according to regulations, we could not avoid hindering some traffic that day. We would like to once again thank all the crew that day for their hard work.