Behind the scenes-Mr.Rich photo shoot

“All things bear the shade on their backs and the sun in their arms; by the blending of breath from the sun and the shade, equilibrium comes to the world.”

~DaodejingChapter 42

Recently, we shot brand photographs for Mr. Rich. In order to establish the Mr. Rich brand image, we finally decided that Mr. Rich CEO and chief designer Chris Lun would be the best model for our theme “Androgynous.” The main idea is that Mr.Rich’s consumer groups are free to choose the role they want to play, their own image, and have the freedom to choose how they want others to see them.

In the pictures, the theme was expressed through the meaning of the props, small gestures or gazes, contrasted seating, body lines, makeup and styling differences, and the interactions of the models. The visual integration produced the grey area between men/women’s looks, women/ men’s bodies, men/women’s makeup, women/ men’s apparel, and also incorporated the misplacement of explicit/recessive gender, external appearance/ internal psychology, and gender identity.

On another level, the balance of soft and hard in the pictures, the rhythm between black and white, and the yin and yang philosophy is what I hoped viewers would identify in the Mr. Rich photographs.