Queen Wei


A rock and roll style MV
Exposing one’s true desires is like finding your other half, sometimes you even wish they are just like you. Maybe you are not good at expressing your true feelings in the beginning and are puzzled. You are not sure if “you” are really understood and listened to. However, in the process of finding a “mate,” you get to truly understand yourself, until that “mate” finally appears, and you find “love.”


Queen said that when she was young, she often heard voices speaking into her ear. She could not always understand…but in this song, she became that voice. If a downtrodden soul found their mate through her voice and gained happiness, maybe the world would be a different place.


Queen plays a “voice” that hopes to be heard, and is always curious why there is so much sadness in the world. She hopes that every person she contacts can feel happiness. An extraordinary girl discovers this interesting voice that always surrounds people and makes funny gestures. She is very intrigued so she starts observing the voice and follows it around.

The girl finally can’t resist and asks the voice to play with her. The voice is surprised that someone can hear her, so the two become good friends. They play together and people who see them can’t help but smile and forget their troubles.


In the beginning of the creative process, we realized that the purpose of the MV is for the people to get to know Queen Wei and understand that besides her sweet voice, she also has a lot of creativity. We also wanted to attract young fans through the refreshing and sweet MV style.

DC 新型態的商業攝影廣告公司|Ellie 劉伊倫/編劇/導演
Ellie Liu Director/ Screenwriter