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Pantene’s new product “Touchable Airy Conditioner“ invited Tia Lee to demonstrate how to shoot beautiful photos in the summer. When everyone’s hair becomes sticky and flat in the hot summer, your hair can still look light and fresh in front of the camera!


In order to fit with the product launch in summer and to convey a natural and fresh atmosphere, after communicating with the customer, we decided to use a grassy plain as the background and the bright sun also highlighted the protective effects of the product. We started with Tia Lee sharing about her personal experiences, from her best pose to the most important tips for shooting, and taking care of each part of her body to create the perfect image.

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商業攝影-李毓芬|DC 商業攝影|提供商業攝影,廣告攝影,微電影,募資影片,企業影片


After the client explained their needs, the photographer referenced many layouts and poses to decide the gestures of the model. Besides looking natural, she needed to look confident and modern. We researched the best poses and expressions of Tia Lee, our model, as well as the site’ s shooting restrictions, which were all pre-production steps that needed to be taken.


This type of product marketing will usually have intensive exposure in a short period of time, the advantages are high visibility and fast exposure, but viewers might feel annoyed if they see the ad too often. Therefore, it is important that the film has a reasonable and appropriate length. The content should not only benefit the viewers, visually it needs to look comfortable, and the music should be soothing. The elements involved in creating a film is often more than you can imagine!

DC Films_ellie
Ellie Liu Director/ ScreenWriter