New Taipei City Power Saving Awards

Marketing Film

This project was completed with our partner RulesCreative where we used out of the box thinking to show the public that the government’s energy saving commercials can be done in an innovative way. After watching the introduction to the Film Festival, you discover it is not a “Film Festival” after all, and actually a “Power Saving Festival.” Our creativity drives everyone to be addicted to saving energy. What? You don’t want to save energy? The results are terrifying!


The government’s energy-saving commercials are launched every summer, but are they effective? We and RC hoped to focus on 8 themes where people often waste energy. However, we shot them like horror films to let everyone know the terrifying consequences of wasting energy. We hoped the public would start taking notice and begin saving energy.


To imitate the form of “Film Festival” we found many different venues and referenced the shooting methods and colors for horror films around the world, in hopes of differentiating between the 8 themes. We spent a lot of time adjusting and considering shot angles, actor performances, and props. Finally, we had to make numerous adjustments when editing and dubbing music to find a balance between artistic license and social perception. Fortunately, although we were shooting a ghostly topic, no out of the ordinary incidences occurred while filming!

The film cooperated with the RC campaign and successfully attracted special domestic and international media reports. It also helped the New Taipei Government achieve record energy savings that year. We had a great first cooperation with RC and we were so grateful! We also look forward to working on more imaginative projects with RC in the future.




The marketing strategy had the desired effects, and with a well planned strategy and filming, we were able to create a lot of buzz with this marketing method. Even though the topic and purpose seemed unrelated, this was a good example of successful integration.

Allen Tsai Audio Director/ Project Manager