National Pension Insurance

Event film

The lovely RuRu has come for a Q&A to allow us to have a better understanding of the National Pension Insurance. Although it was a relatively simple project, we still meticulously prepared lighting, photography, editing, 2D animation, sound effects, and gave on-site instruction. Do you want to know what RuRu said? Let’s listen to her answers!


Shooting was divided into three parts, in the beginning, RuRu was asked to greet the audience and give an introduction to the topic. The second part was a Q&A with RuRu. The final part was recording RuRu’s expressions after she successfully completed her challenge. The film also included cute graphic designs and sound effects to make the entire film more enjoyable.


RuRu is a very dependable and smart artist, so the entire filming process went very smoothly. We only had to revise a few lines. In addition, to highlight RuRu’s fair skin, we took extra effort to adjust the lighting so that RuRu would look even better in front of the camera.


The film also has a special website, corresponding marketing promotions and sweepstakes, and successfully allowed more people to learn about the National Pension Insurance.

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Allen Tsai Audio Director/ Project Manager