Image video

In order to establish Mr.Rich’s brand image, Mr.Rich CEO and chief designer Chris Lun modeled the theme “Androgynous” for us.The main idea is that Mr. Rich’s consumer groups are free to choose the role they want to play, their own image, and have the freedom to choose how they want others to see them.



This project used motion graphics in a way, where graphic shots were used to highlight the relative relationships between the animation and characters. The shots were straightforward and powerful, with simple backgrounds, and monochromatic light, so the personality of the figure and clothing was more distinct.



Although we used monochromatic light, the consistency of the characters’ lighting and clothing required precise settings, so in early discussions, we spent a lot of time confirming the clothing and poses. The director also joined the early planning discussions to help the project proceed more smoothly.



We were able to convey the brand’s personality with the short stream of highlights, and also elevated the brand by appropriate music and editing.

DC 新型態的商業攝影廣告公司|關於 DC
Jeremy Tsai Audio Director/ Project Manager