Brand Image Film

Professional bike helmet brand KPLUS, is committed to improving riding safety, and hopes that the stories of the three spokespeople can convey their central idea – “Kplus-guarding your riding pleasure.” They also hope everyone will immediately want to go bike riding after watching the film.


Not everyone goes bike riding but everyone has dreams and impulses. We mention the elements that trigger our emotions in the film. If something you like can’t give you the courage to take action, what will? In this process, the product image quietly guards your dreams and accompanies you on your pursuit for more beautiful scenery.


The client wanted to use the first person to tell the story, so the beginning starts with a narration. However, this created a problem. How would we connect the personal narration with the biking footage that followed? So we designed different transitions for the three main characters to ensure continuity. Finally, we also designed different endings for each of them.

While shooting, the most tiring part was filming the cycling process. In order to show the best and most diverse cycling images, the riders had to ride back and forth through the mountains numerous times for us to collect enough shots. We encountered many problems while filming in the mountains, such as bad weather, few lanes, dangerous conditions, etc… adding to the difficulty.


Promoting a young brand requires dynamic qualities to gain attention in the market. We enhanced the product power and brand spirit and allowed consumers to receive brand information from the user’s point of view. It was a shooting style that was direct and memorable.

Allen Tsai Audio Director/ Project Manager