Dyaco Inc.

Brand Image Film

Dyaco Inc. has been involved in the global sports products market for many years. In addition to becoming a listed company recently, it has invested in the Taiwan market and developed a number of technological sports products. This series of films will be used in its stores and for Internet marketing purposes.


Link Your New Life.
When modern technology becomes a part of life, it should be more logically connected to different lifestyles to offer more convenience. Technology linked to life was originally our main idea but the director thought that maintaining our own pace and not letting our active lives become hindered by technology was even more important.


The film combines candid hand-held shots as well as demonstrative motion graphics designed to convey the pulse of exercise and daily life. The image design was already confirmed in earlier story boards and motion boards. We did not want to have a repetition of people the same size displaying the products, and the changing sizes was an element that allowed the audience to sense the film “breathing.”

Our equipment settings included hand-held shots along with shoulder mount shots and changing environments to create a stable yet familiar atmosphere. For the on-site lighting treatment, after confirming the location of the sun after repeated on-site visitations, we determined the light rationality of each scene. These decisions are the basic principles of filming and their careful consideration is what makes a top-notch film.


The filming process for this case included the combination of many actors and scenes. In the early stages of production, a lot of our time was spent rushing around. Besides the time constraints, we thank the customer for giving us a lot of creative space for production so we were able to complete the film according to our original concepts.

Ellie Liu Screen Writer/ Project Manager