Ocean Foam

〈Ocean Foam〉is a reflection of the current cementation of Taiwan’s coast, particularly the A Lang Trail’s original coast from Syuhai to Nantian. The repetition of the melody is saying that although our environment is being destroyed, the destruction brings people with common beliefs together. Making changes is often hard, but they will never stop trying.


Ocean Foam is a song that Cicada created by imitating the rhythm of the sea, where they use a series of different instruments to play the same melody. The film plays the image for a long time, as if the ocean was a living being. We are able to enter the picture and breath with the same frequency as the ocean.


“If the ocean was looking at us, it would probably feel we are always in a rush. It continues with its ways and probably is oblivious to human actions, so we thought of using memomotion photography. The ocean captured by memomotion photography is unclear to the human eye but sudden subtle movements loyally display the slow, peaceful, and rhythmic ocean.

When the song begins with a melancholy cry, the color tones are in black and white. As people begin to join in, the melody becomes lighter, and some color is added to the picture. With the high and low notes, the picture becomes brighter and flows with the rhythm of the sea. The song finally ends with a colorful picture and the hope of a brighter ending.


Some are destroying while others are protecting. Many are crying for us to protect our earth and oceans. They have not been successful, but there still is a chance for change. Maybe the ocean exists in forms we cannot imagine. Only when we can feel its pulse, can we discover the most precious gift.

DC 新型態的商業攝影廣告公司|Ellie 劉伊倫/編劇/導演
Ellie Liu Screenwriter/ Project Manager