Chung-Lin Chang


He once heard a saying: dimples, birthmarks, and smiles are marks left by your lover or mate from a past life.
We used the duration of a song to collect things about “her,” and even though she showed up briefly, at the end people who have left will not come back.


Everyone has a person in your heart that may have left, but you still are reminded of them when you hear a certain song. You may even revisit places you once went to together.

Memories are often fragmented and when you look back, you may only remember certain parts. You may remember a tattoo, dimples, or the sweet smell of their shampoo.


In the first half, the man and the woman do not appear in the same picture because the man is looking back in time. This is why the colors used for the images of the man and woman are different. The images of the woman have vintage tones, which represents how the two people are in different worlds.

When the song transitions, the man finally finds her and they both fall in the vortex of memories and enjoy a sweet moment. At the end of the song, the woman still disappears, and whether their time together existed or not, it is still a beautiful dream. We should cherish these memories and take them with us on our journey ahead.


Photos may be lost, but people stay in our hearts. If we still have memories, we need to remind ourselves to cherish them. If we meet again in the next life, we should not let them go.

Allen Tsai Audio Director/ Project Manager