Chung-Lin Chang


The video describes how the pressures in life have suppressed people’s desires and dreams, just like walking in the desert. There is an oasis in everyone’s heart, an oasis of hope that feeds people’s lives and dreams. Perhaps, when we are trying to get through a mirage, quenching water will be on the other side, and our dreams are close to coming true.


There is a kind of strength where we face our capabilities with a low-key and adept attitude. We do not mind moving forward or backwards, and we do not even realize we are progressing until its undeniable existence hits us.
Composer Chung-Lin is like that, so when his music is combined with DC’s images, what is displayed is an explosion of his changing roles and visual transformations between virtual and reality.


The artist wanted the song to focus on the guitar and fingering, but DC did not want the film to resemble a web tutorial. Therefore, we created a mirage like atmosphere with darker tones to correspond with the song’s description of pressure. It was repetitive but gradually progressed. We used film editing techniques coupled with a lot of painstaking and shocking effects. We hoped that each moment the guitarist played, we would be reminded of past dreams, so we tried to combine inner emotions with thrilling images!

In the early stages of production, the producers searched for reflective materials with different effects because the director wanted special lighting effects, such as water ripples or broken glass that could be projected over large areas. It was more than simply directing a beam on the subjects, and would make the visual effects more impactful. The neat lighting effects were all the hard work of post-processing as well as the on-site staff.


The focus of the MV was the guitar and fingering skills, without straying from the main theme, we also experimented with different shooting methods and light and shadow effects, to create a character with deeper self-awareness. That was the most interesting part of the production process and we really enjoyed seeing the final product!

Ellie Liu Screen Writer/ Project Manager