Brand Image Film

The film is evidence of Taiwan 3D ™’s motivation to promote its exclusive patented technology. The film focuses on exhibiting product functions and technology, and the light and dark contrasts created a luxurious ambiance. DC’ s array of images duly satisfied the needs of the customer.


When designing commercial films, DC first considers the film’s “value” and if what the audience sees is on point, so the film can also be used effectively for marketing later on.


So when clients mention numerous ideas they want to present in a film, we will start by analyzing each need and determine whether they correspond with the purpose of the film, and we begin constructing the film after this process.

For this car mat accessory company, the client needed films for its brand image, product introduction, and instructions. Therefore, in the design, the image film part did not introduce products, and the product film did not include many emotional images.




The image film had many purposes, such as conveying the high-quality of the product, showing off car protection features, designer drawings, engineer scanning modeling, and even the factory’s CNC lathe, etc. We are able to do our best work when customers can convey their needs and have a clear picture of what they want. We are able to resolve even the toughest problems.

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Ellie Liu Director/ Screenwriter